The Pilot


The Pilot

Aiko & Egor Full Pilot Episode!

The Aiko & Egor video series utilizes the child's motivation to watch animation to provide
fun learning opportunities for parents to teach important target skills. See Beneath, Inc. is currently developing the first full season of Aiko & Egor, which will target three different developmental levels!

In 2010, we recruited and developed a talented team of artists, animators, sound engineers, and voice actors to begin the production of the Pilot episode. We released the Pilot episode in 2011 and received amazing feedback. In 2012, the production of Season 1 began.

The Pilot episode focuses on imitation, which is a very important skill that children need in order to learn from others and their environment. The Pilot targets three different imitation areas: imitation of play actions, gross motor actions, and gestures during songs.

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Aiko & Egor Pilot Episode Clips!