The Pilot



Season 1 is making great progress! The animation for the first three episodes is complete. Check out this fun song from the first episode called Apes for Shapes!

More Production updates coming soon!

Aiko & Egor is entertaining, engaging, and educational. Aiko & Egor targets specific skills that are common deficits for children with ASD. The characters interact with each other in very purposeful ways to model appropriate social behavior and provide opportunites for learning.

We are currently in production of the first season of Aiko & Egor, which will consist of six episodes. Each episode will be about ten minutes long. The first season will consist of target behaviors across three different developmental levels, making the videos appropriate for children with autism at various levels. These future episodes will focus on a variety of very important developmental areas, such as preverbal language, expressive language, initiations, preacademic and academic skills, play skills, greetings, social routines and games, turn-taking, sharing, and other.

Meet Aiko & Egor and Their Friends

Aiko: She’s a talkative purple whale who loves to play with her best friend Egor and explore the ocean. She plays the “kid role” in the video. Children can imitate Aiko to learn new skills. She loves to learn, play with toys, and make new friends.

Egor: He’s a bashful yet excitable orange blowfish who help Aiko learn new skills. He plays the teacher, parent, grandparent, caregiver, or sibling role by sometimes giving Aiko commands and exploring the ocean with her. Sometimes when he gets excited, he inflates and floats away like a balloon.

Wade: This recurring character is a favorite of many fans of the video series. He’s a playful green seahorse and is sometimes referred to as the “cool” kid. He lives on the coral corral with his many seahorse siblings. He joins Aiko & Egor to learn about colors, playing, and he’s a great older brother.

Fran & Tyler: Singing dinosaurs that engage in a really fun song where they make a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich while dancing and singing.

Pinky: He’s a sleepy Panda who Aiko & Egor meet while exploring the ocean. They play a fun imitation game together and are instant friends with each other.

Pepper: He’s an Elvis-like Penguin who sings songs with Aiko & Egor. Gesture imitation accompanies the songs to help get kids ready for singing with their friends at school.

Mark & Betty: Mark & Betty are little action figures that Aiko & Egor use for pretend play. Betty has a baby referred to as “Big Baby” because her baby is a large baby doll.

Sea Monkeys: The sea monkeys are recurring characters that are used to teach shapes, emotions, and show kids how to wash their faces in the morning.

Peek-A-Boo: An enormous turtle who likes to play Peak-A-Boo with his friends Aiko & Egor. This gentle giant is loving and sweet and his scene is accompanied by a classic song edited for the world of Aiko & Egor.

02/15/13: See Beneath releases the second preview clip from Aiko & Egor Season 1, Episode 1. Aiko & Egor have Snack Time and make simple choices about what to eat. This preview clip is from Season 1 Episode 1 of Aiko & Egor. The clip captures the simplicity and engaging value of our Skill scenes, which are interspersed in between Songs throughout an episode.

02/11/13: See Beneath releases the first preview clip from Aiko & Egor Season 1, Episode 1. Aiko & Egor meet Pepper the Penguin and sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star together. The clip captures the fun and reinforcing value of a Song scene, which are interspersed in between Skill scenes throughout an episode.

12/12/12: See Beneath releases the new character designs for the Aiko & Egor first season! Please send us your feedback, we would love to hear what you think! Contact Us!